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At Cheap Promotional Bags, we love all kinds of bags. In particular are the wonderfully creative designs we see on the web by up and coming designers looking to try something a little different. Below are a few example of bags which we feel match this criteria. Over the up and coming months we will be updating this page with new designs we have found or people have submitted to us.

If you have a bag design you think needs to be seen please send us a picture to info@cheap-promotional-bags.co.uk and we will add it to our collection. Any design sent through will be looked at even if it is your own.

A recycled football handbag. Don't know if this will smell too nice after having a season being kicked around in the rain, but it's still ingenious!

Head pull plastic bag. I have seen a number of these bags designed like this, and I think everyone has seen the drawstring bag with the image of a mans head getting pulled tight, but this is another example of this type of design. Very funny!

Retro Cassette bag, I've seen the Iphone covers and now here's the matching bag. Got to love the 80's vintage look.

This Rubix cube bag is wonderfully colourful, it's my second favorite out of this collection. I don't think it would be a functioning puzzle cube but if it did, it would be my hands down favorite.

Finally, my favorite... "Dead cat" bag! I love the idea of this, very creative, and the finish is brilliant!

This article was written by Sean Devlin for www.cheap-promotional-bags.co.uk. To contact please send a email to sean@cheap-promotional-bags.co.uk.

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